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Toy Fair Credit Meeting

Pulse Ratings to discuss the financial health of key retailers such as: Barnes & Noble, Indigo Books, Kohls, Shopko etc...

Hosted By: Dennis Cantalupo - Pulse Ratings

Url: https://www.toyassociation.org/toys/events/credit-conferences.aspx?WebsiteKey=9627b778-d394-4eb1-93ca-b0ecde8e3359&hkey=57c01d2c-0f9c-471e-9fe8-21081145619e&Credit_Conference=3#Credit_Conference

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Why Pulse Ratings

Pulse Ratings can help reduce investment losses and bad debt write-offs. Our unbiased fundamental financial analysis is acutely focused on aiding those with current or future financial exposure to engage in favorable transactions as it relates to specific retailers.

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