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3 retail turnaround success stories, and 3 turnarounds to watch

Dennis Cantalupo, president of Pulse Ratings, said retailers need three things for a successful turnaround. "They have to have a strong balance sheet, to give them time to turn the business around. They have to generate strong cash flow to give them some money to reinvest back into the business. And they also need a strong management team that has a vision and understands what they're currently doing that is not working and a really great sense of what's going to work in the future."

By Ben Unglesbee - Retail Dive



Can J.C. Penney's Jill Soltau pull off the ultimate retail Hail Mary?

The retailer's CEO is tasked with turning the company around, but recent setbacks show just how difficult that's going to be...

By Ben Unglesbee - Retail Dive



Can a new owner re-write the story of Barnes & Noble?

If the life of Barnes & Noble were a book, this is the part where the cavalry comes riding over the hill or the White Knight charges in, after many pages of tension.... (Pulse Ratings quoted multiple times in the Retail Dive article)

By Ben Unglesbee - RetailDive



2018 Holiday Retail Sales Review - by Pulse Ratings

Holiday Sales have begun to trickle in and the results have been mixed. JCP started the week off soft, announcing a 5.4% decline in unshifted SSS, while its peers, Kohls and Macy's posted modestly positive results. Elsewhere, Target and Costco hit it out of the park with respective 5.7% and 7% gains.

By Dennis Cantalupo - Pulse Ratings



Riemer Reporting Service Announces New Ownership

Riemer Reporting Service, one of the nation's largest independent companies devoted exclusively to business credit network services, is excited to announce a new ownership team.

By Joanne Messeri - RiemerPlus



Camping World Drives Beyond the RV Park with Acquisition Spree

Pulse Ratings quoted in story about Camping World's expansion into outdoor retail with the Gander Mountain acquisition.

By Cara Salpini - Retail Dive



Pulse Ratings to Speak at Toy Fair

Pulse Ratings to discuss the financial health of key retailers at Toy Fair

By - The Toy Association



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